About Kelly

It all started at the age of 12 when I got bit by the photography  bug. My uncle, who was in the photography business, gave me a twin lens reflex Roliflex camera. I called it my “magic box.” It absolutely amazed me to be able to capture 1/125th of a second of life —for eternity.

I studied photojournalism at Pittsburg State University and then in the Marine Corps. Later I worked several years in the studio portrait and wedding business — all along striving to prove that photography is a real art form. I consider my camera as a painter would consider his brush, a tool to create art.

I have lectured at many college and high schools and am thrilled to see that passion for photography reflected in the eyes of young people. I exhibited my at art at Friends University, Seward County Community College, Art Barn, Bank of America, and Arkansas City Art Fair where I was awarded “best of show.” I have photographs on display in the Harry Litwin Collection and the Mid-America Fine Arts Center.